Monday, March 27, 2017

First-Year Writing Anthology Released

The eight issue of Fresh Perspectives, HPU’s online anthology of first-year writing, is released. It includes essays by student contributors Carlo Paez, Jon Davis, Nakoa Gabriel, Joleen Paul, Damon Niesen, Jhumar Ray Domingo, Hajar Tazi, Austin Zmolek, Kula Kukonu, Emma Ferguson, Rachel Gonzales, Sage Bennett, Mackenzie Otto, and Lina Bengtsson. 

Outstanding essays written for Spring 2016 first-year writing courses were nominated by instructors and selected and edited by the team of student editorial interns, Marian Gentile and Jun Dennis Sadang, under the direction of Associate Professor of English and Interim Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts Kathleen Cassity, Ph.D.      

The writing in Fresh Perspectives represents a diversity of voices, topics and perspectives. The anthology has become a regular and integral feature of HPU’s First-Year Writing Program, and it is something that both students and faculty look forward to reading and that students can be proud to share with their families and friends.

Read the Editors’ Welcome by Marian Gentile, Jun Dennis Mata Sadang and Kathleen Cassity, Ph.D., on page 3.

Meet the Writers!

Lina Bengtsson is originally from Sweden and is majoring in Marine Biology. Her goal is to become a shark specialist, and her favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is the sunsets.

Sage Bennett grew up in the Metro D.C. area—Silver Spring, Maryland, to be exact. An International Business major, Sage hopes to someday own a business or work for an international corporation that allows her to travel as well as tap into her creative side through digital marketing. Her favorite thing about HPU is how diverse our student population is: “Coming from a very diverse area, moving to Hawai`i and attending HPU was such a relief. There are so many students and staff from all over the world, and it is so refreshing.”

Jon Davis is originally from Dothan, Alabama, where he was born and raised until leaving for the military in 2009. His major is Business Management, and his career plans are to work at the S.E.R.E, (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) school in Alabama, to train soldiers in these tactics while preparing to open his own business in the construction industry. His favorite thing about attending HPU is the small class sizes that allow students to be directly engaged with their professors: “This provides an exceptional learning experience in an ideal environment.”

Jhumar Ray Domingo is from Dumaguete Negros Oriental, Philippines. He is majoring in Criminal Justice, with the goal of working for the Department of Homeland Security. His favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is that it is like “home away from home,” with good food and friendly people.

Emma Ferguson is from Bremerton, Washington, but has lived in Belfair, Washington, for the majority of her life. She is majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology, with the goal of becoming a zookeeper specializing in large cats. Her favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is the extraordinary opportunity to meet so many amazing and inspiring people that she never would have had the pleasure of meeting had she not come to such a culturally and ethnically diverse location: “It has changed my life.”

Nakoa Gabriel was born and raised in Waipahu, Hawai`i, where he still lives. When not working at the pet hospital in Waipahu, he is pursuing his major in Criminal Justice with a minor in Writing. Upon graduation he plans either to work with the FBI or pursue a degree in law and start his own firm. His favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is its natural beauty: “I’ve lived here for 19 years and have never gotten tired of seeing the ocean. It is important to know your roots and where you come from.”

Rachel Gonzales is from Guam and is majoring in Public Health. Her intended career plans are to align herself with a global health community to promote understanding based on public health principles. Her favorite thing about living in Hawai`i and attending Hawai`i Pacific University is “feeling the aloha spirit everywhere I go.”

Kula Kukonu is originally from Honolulu and is a Communication Studies major who intends to work for the federal government. Her favorite thing about attending HPU is being surrounded by diverse cultures and peoples: “We live in a world of mixed cultures and it's amazing to have a small part of that within the HPU community.”

[Not pictured] Damon Niesen is originally from Round Valley Indian Reservation in Northern California. His major is Nursing and he plans to work in the E.R at Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital in Willis, to help his people. His favorite part of Hawai`i is “getting away from the reservation and not seeing poverty everywhere you look.”

Mackenzie Otto is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Public Health major, she hopes to join the Peace Corps. Her favorite thing about living in Hawai`i and attending HPU is the diversity: “I get the chance to have classes with and meet people from so many parts of the world. It is fascinating to hear about what other cultures are like. I hope to get some opportunities to travel, and hearing about all these wonderful places motivates me to work hard to be able to experience some of them firsthand.”

Carlo Paez is originally from the Philippines and moved to Hawai‘i when he was three years old. He is currently majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. He intends to pursue a career within the realm of information technologies, and plans to someday become the CIO or CTO of a major corporation. His favorite thing about living in Hawai‘i is the different types of people he gets to meet each day: “Hawai‘i is indeed a unique place, and there really is no other place like it in the world.”

Joleen Paul is originally from Maui and is majoring in Pre-Nursing. She plans to move back home to Maui to work at the local hospital or clinics. She has also considered moving to the mainland. Her favorite thing about Hawai`i is that “it is always going to be home,” and her favorite thing about attending HPU is meeting people from all over.
Hajar Tazi is originally from Casablanca, Morocco. She is double majoring in Humanities with a concentration in Philosophy, and in International Studies with a concentration in Peace and Security. She would like to work with an intergovernmental organization or do research in ethnography. Her favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is that she can surf whenever she wants: “The waves are perfect!”

Austin Zmolek is originally from Syracuse, New York. His major is Biology – Human Health and Psychology. He changes his mind about the future every day: “Part of me wants to be a gender reconstruction surgeon, part of me wants to move to the forest and live in a tree, part of me wants to get another degree in fashion, and part of me wants to be a Cross Fit instructor; I'll figure that out later.” His favorite thing about living in Hawai`i is “when I hear people cheee-hoo.” His favorite thing about HPU would be the Kaneohe campus.

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