Monday, December 11, 2017

HPU & HCFL: Eleven-year Friendship Going Strong!

Submitted by Barbara Hannum, HPU Director of Intercultural Education Programs

Hawaiʻi Pacific University recently provided students from Hiroshima, Japan a special custom-designed study-tour experience, the eighth since our inaugural program in 2006. From November 13 to December 1, 2017, a group of 17 students from Hiroshima College of Foreign Languages (HCFL) enjoyed a challenging yet rewarding three-week intensive Hospitality and English Program prepared and coordinated by Intercultural Education Programs Director Barbara Hannum with support from the TESOL Programs and the Dept. of English and Applied Linguistics.

A successful balance of academic and experiential learning, the program featured “English for Interaction” classes designed to build fluency in speaking and listening, customized classes in hospitality, tourism, language, and culture, special topics lectures on hospitality marketing and business strategies in Hawai‘i and the U.S. by Hospitality & Tourism Management faculty Dr. Wendy Lam and Dr. Dae Woo Park, observational visits to HPU classes in business, marketing, and Japanese, cultural presentations by HCFL students to HPU students, fluency-building workshops, and conversation sessions with HPU students and Center for Academic Success tutors. A special cultural lesson and hula workshop was provided by Kumu Tracie Lopes, who taught the group a meaningful hula about Aloha Tower and how to make ti-leaf lei.

The HCFL students also enjoyed a guided tour of historic downtown Honolulu, a visit to the State Art Museum, and a “Waikiki scavenger hunt” to the Royal Hawaiian and Sheraton Moana hotels led by Dr. Lam. The two cohorts of students also shared a full day of experiential learning and site visits: one group, comprised of hospitality and tourism majors, received an extensive tour of the Four Seasons Resort, where they learned about strategic branding/target marketing and were also treated to a delicious lunch! From there they traveled to the airport for a guided tour and presentation by Hawaiian Airlines marketing and sales management staff. The other group, comprised of English majors, enjoyed a morning at Hawaiʻi Baptist Academy sharing cultural presentations with HBA Japanese classes and observing other special HBA classes as well. They, too, were treated to a very special lunch and cultural exchange session by HBA administrators, staff, and selected students.  

The HCFL students all stayed with local families through the Hawai‘i Homestay Program, so they spent evenings and weekends learning about and experiencing American and local culture, especially enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. The program culminated in a memorable HPU Completion Ceremony and Aloha Luncheon on Friday, December 1. We look forward to welcoming the next group in 2019 for another memorable and meaningful educational exchange between two universities and long-time friends. 

Announcing the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Recipients

By Bernard K Nunies, Director of Human Resources

In our inaugural year of the Tuition Exchange Program, Hawai‘i Pacific University has joined with more than 600 colleges and universities across the nation in offering reciprocal scholarships to qualifying dependents of our eligible faculty and staff.  This scholarship covers 4-years of tuition up to $35,000 each year.

In October HPU held a lottery for the 3 scholarships that would be awarded.  Participants received up to 4 lottery entries based on years of service.  In total we had 21 participants with 64 entries.
We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s awards.

·         Annmarie Manzulli, Career Instructional Faculty of Communication
·         Mark Tjarks, Professor of English
·         Michael Erickson, Associate Professor of Psychology

Please join me in congratulating the three recipients and wishing their dependents much success in their undergraduate studies for the 2018-19 academic year.

For information on future participation or for a copy of the program guidelines, please visit the HR tab of Pipeline.

Monday, December 4, 2017

HPU United Nations Club Attends National Model United Nations Conference in Canada

On Friday, Nov. 17 through Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017, HPU United Nations (UN) Club members participated in the 2017 National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference in Banff, Canada. Eleven HPU students (pictured above from left to right): Essi Korhonen, Isabelle Klewstigh, Hunter Burrows, Gabriela (Victoria) Ristikangas, Kristine Kivle, Sharon MacAllan, Ashley Ubben, Lesly Valdez, Emily Macri, Cherie Soria and Nicole Masulit, along with the UN Club faculty advisor, Serge Marek, Ph.D., participated in the conference. 

At the NMUN Conference, university students from around the world represented various countries in committees to discuss international issues relevant today. The HPU delegation represented two countries in various committees. The Uruguay team consisted of six HPU students in the General Assembly (GA), Security Council (SC) and UN Environment Assembly (UNEA). The Vietnam team consisted of five students in the GA, UNEA and Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) committees. The Uruguay UNEA team won the award for Outstanding Position Paper, making this the first HPU delegation to win the position paper award. HPU was also recognized as an Honorable Mention during the closing ceremony. 

The NMUN Canada Conference was a success, as each student did their utmost to represent HPU, the UN Club and their respective countries in the best way possible.

Applications are currently available for the next Model United Nations Conference, to be held in New York in March 2018. For more information on the HPU UN Club, please contact the Secretary General/Club President, Haven McKay, at or the UN Club faculty advisor Serge Marek, at

Conference Team:
Hunter Burrows, Freshman, Marine Biology major from New Jersey
Kristine Kivle, Head Delegate/Secretary General, Senior, Diplomacy and Military Studies major from Norway
Essi Korhonen, Senior, International Studies major from Finland
Isabelle Klewstigh, Junior, International Studies major from Sweden
Sharon MacAllan, Junior, Marine Biology major from Germany/U.S.A.
Emily Macri, pursuing a master's in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development, from New York
Nicole Masulit, Sophomore, International Business major from Kauai
Lesly Pamatz, International Business major from California
Viktoria Ristikangas, Junior, International Studies major from Finland
Cherie Soria, Sophomore, Nursing major from Oahu
Ashley Ubben, Freshman, International Studies major from Texas  

News submitted by Nicole Masulit, UN Club PR Officer

Monday, November 27, 2017

Alumni Perspective: College to Career Transition

Jose Dominguez (MBA ’17) is a General Building Manger, overseeing 423 residential units in a Kakaako complex. His management responsibility is for maintenance, security, and financial matters. Dominguez works directly with the owners’ association on a variety of issues affecting residents, maintaining open communication with all parties involved.    

In this Q&A with HPU Senior Career Development Advisor, Ryan Tin Loy, M.A., CWDP, Dominguez shares his experiences.  

How did your HPU education prepare you for the workforce?

I graduated with a MBA in Management. The education I received from HPU prepared me by exposing me to coursework in statistics, finance, and accounting. I also took advantage of a well-rounded education through the sciences and writing.

How did the Career Development Center prepare you for this transition?

The Career Development Center assisted me through effective resume building techniques and I took advantage of all the workshops and seminars they offered. Ryan Tin Loy in the Career Development Center maintained consistent contact with me throughout my time at HPU to ensure my educational needs and goals were being met.

What advice would you give other students as they prepare for the college to career transition?

My advice is to expect the unexpected. Prepare for the many bumps on road. There will be times you may feel like quitting but keep moving forward in life.

HPU students and alumni, check out what the university’s Career Development Center has to offer: Career Advising, Using internships and co-ops for class credit, Resume and cover letter assistance, Mock interviews, Job search assistance, Interest assessments (MBTI and Strong), Professional development events and workshops, Career Fairs, Employer information sessions and tables, HPU Connect online job board.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Nationally-Recognized Speaker Delivers #SetTheExpectation Talk at HPU

Brenda Tracy, who travels the U.S. speaking at universities about the prevention of sexual assault and violence, visited Hawai‘i Pacific University on Friday, Nov. 17. More than 250 HPU students, faculty, and staff, including a large contingent of student-athletes and coaches, attended the day’s culminating event, which focused on Tracy’s #SetTheExpectation campaign.   

In the opening of her presentation, Tracy made herself relatable to the students, telling them she had two sons who were their age. Tracy proceeded to tell the room full of strangers her painful, personal story. In 1998, Tracy was brutally raped by four men, two of whom played football at Oregon State University.      

The day after the hours-long incident, Tracy contemplated suicide, but the single mother worried about who would take care of her two young sons. For 16 years, Tracy lived in silence, keeping the pain to herself. She often worried about what she would tell her sons of the incident. Then she met a sports writer for The Oregonian who helped Tracy publicly tell her story, which published in November 2014. This was the beginning of Tracy’s quest to effect change, advocating for no tolerance of sexual assault and violence.        

Two years after Tracy’s story was in The Oregonian, she had the opportunity to meet Mike Riley — the former Oregon State football coach of two of the men who raped her — at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he is now the football coach. Prior to their meeting, Tracy admitted to resenting Riley more than her rapists. When they met, Tracy was able to ask Riley the questions she had formulated over the years, and she also shared the story of her rape with his football players. The visit with Riley ended well, providing some closure for Tracy.

Fifty-plus university speaking engagements later, the HPU ‘ohana was fortunate to hear Tracy’s story firsthand. In her talk, Tracy cited a statistic: 98 percent of rapes are committed by men but only 10 percent of the male population is committing the rapes. She then challenged all of the men in the HPU audience to take an active role in being part of the solution to end sexual assault and violence. Tracy mentioned with pride that her son led the charge to petition the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), asking why they were not taking a more serious stance on sexual violence and that they needed to create a policy to ban violent athletes. The initiative of Tracy’s son sparked the creation of the NCAA Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence on which Tracy now sits.

Front: SVP & General Counsel Jan Boivin, Brenda Tracy, President John Gotanda,
AVP & Dean of Students Marites McKee; Back: VP of University Relations Sam Moku, Executive Director of Athletics Vince Baldemor, VP of Enrollment Management Greg Grauman,  AVP & CIO Cody Down
 By the end of Tracy’s presentation, it was evident she had made an impact on the nearly 300 HPU ‘ohana in the room. She had delivered a clear and powerful message that it is everyone’s collective responsibility — men and women — to end sexual assault and violence. Tracy amplified her message, noting it isn’t only about looking out for one’s family and friends, but caring for strangers, too. Associate Professor of Psychology Vince Tsushima, Ph.D., stood up, introduced himself, and told Tracy he would never forget her presentation.   

“Through her tireless efforts, Brenda Tracy is a champion for ending sexual assault and violence, and we are grateful for Ms. Tracy sharing her powerful and inspiring story with our HPU ‘ohana,” HPU President John Gotanda said. “I encourage each member of our community to join Ms. Tracy, empowering ourselves as agents of change.”   

By putting into practice the values of aloha, pono, and kuleana HPU embraces, the university ‘ohana can take a stance to “set the expectation” that sexual assault and violence is never okay.

Brenda Tracy’s HPU visit was spearheaded by Senior Vice President and General Counsel Jan Boivin, Assistant Vice President, Dean of Students, and Title IX Coordinator Marites McKee, and Executive Director of Athletics Vince Baldemor.

Additional support for the event was provided by Counseling and Behavioral Health Services psychologists, Kevin Bowman, Ph.D., and Kathryn Berrano, Ph.D., and the Title IX Deputy Coordinators Kathryn Conlon, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Conduct, Natasa Revere, Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance, and Susan Gray, Manager, Employee Relations and EEO/AA Compliance.  

Title IX/Counseling & Behavioral Health team Marites McKee, Kevin Bowman, Ph.D., Susan Gray, Natasa Revere, Kathryn Conlon; not pictured Kathryn Berrano, Ph.D., Brenda Tracy, SVP & General Counsel Jan Boivin,
SVP & Provost Matthew Liao-Troth, Ph.D.
Mahalo to the “We Care” Campus Safety Program, HPU Athletics Department, and the HPU Student Activity Fee, for sponsoring the event. 

Front: Hooters GM Abel Diaz, Brenda Tracy, SVP & General Counsel Jan Boivin, Associate General Counsel Erika Strawn; Back: Security staff, Director Joe Tillotson, Jon Pinto, Chris Martin, Ana Pesaleli;
Director Business Development & Special Events Stephanie Blakeman, AVP & Dean of Students Marites McKee  

Prior to the main-event campus presentation by Tracy, she conducted training sessions for targeted groups including the university’s Title IX coordinators, mental health counselors, security officers, deans, and senior leadership. The management of Aloha Tower Marketplace restaurants/bars were also invited to attend a training session geared toward businesses serving alcohol.

For more information on Brenda Tracy and her #SetTheExpectation campaign, go to:

HPU Campus Resources:
Safe Walk is available for HPU students, faculty, and staff 24/7 at Hawaii Loa Campus and the Downtown/ATM Campus. Security Phone Number: 808-544-1400
More information is posted here and on the HPU App.

Counseling and Behavioral Health Services provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL counseling services to current registered HPU students. More information is posted here.

Title IX, “We Care” Any complaint of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault can be made to the Title IX Coordinator, who is responsible for overall administration of discrimination-related grievance procedures for faculty, staff, students, and other members of the University community. More information is posted here and on the HPU App.