Monday, March 27, 2017

Employer Perspective: Advice for Student Interns

Mike Murray (pictured far right) CMM, CMP, CASE, is the Senior Vice President & Director of Events for Peerless Host Hawaii, Waikiki Beach Activities, Port Waikiki Cruises. Since 2014, Murray has been working with the HPU Career Services Center staff to place students in hospitality, marketing, and management internships at Waikiki Beach Activities (WBA). WBA provides in-house entertainment services for the Hilton Hawaiian Village. They primarily focus on guest/concierge services, staffing and event planning for guests and travelers.

Q&A with HPU Career Services Advisor Ryan Tin Loy, M.A., CWDP, and Murray

What areas of engagement with HPU have proven to be most beneficial for Waikiki Beach Activities? The interns who have completed their internships and some who’re still finishing up with us have been exemplary and wonderful students!  If anything, the question should be flipped, as we have gained more by the opportunities in working with your students. It’s been very gratifying to mentor our future tourism leaders!  Their passion, knowledge, willingness to learn, quickness to learn — with aloha —  has exceeded our expectations!  Bravo to you and your faculty and curriculum, for preparing them into the workforce.

How can an HPU student stand out when seeking an internship or employment opportunity with your organization? 
They should not be shy, and they should be willing to learn, be honest in terms of who they are and recognize their weaknesses and strengths.

What advice do you have for students seeking a career in the hospitality and tourism field?
Don’t get too caught up with your long term goals…the short term goals and outcomes, often times, change the path you initially seek.  You need to be nimble in our industry, guest oriented, have a vision and go after it!   Of course, try to have fun in the process and share your aloha always!! 

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