Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hawai‘i Pacific University: President’s Letter
Hawaii Loa Campus Update
December 21, 2016


Earlier this year, Hawaiʻi Pacific University entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Castle Medical Center (CMC) for the sale of our Hawaii Loa Campus. I am writing to share with you that our agreement has been finalized. Please note that under the terms of the agreement, HPU will continue its operations on the property until at least 2020. This will allow us ample time to stage our move downtown in phases over multiple years, minimizing the impact to our students as much as possible.

To us, Hawaii Loa is more than a piece of land; it has been a place of learning at HPU for over 40 years. That is why, as we made plans to fulfill the university’s master plan to create a singular campus in downtown Honolulu, we sought a partner who understood Hawaii Loa’s intrinsic value and whose use would serve the windward community. Castle Medical Center is our perfect partner as it will
ensure tremendous benefits we see for our students, the hospital and the state of Hawaiʻi.

Our students are our top priority in every strategic decision we make. Implementing our campus master plan will provide our students with more state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, meeting spaces, and student facilities, such as dorms and dining commons downtown. Our plan will also improve the student experience by unifying the student body and by offering greater access to professional opportunities with businesses in Honolulu. We understand that for many students, though, Hawaii Loa has been an important part of their learning experience. We plan to engage in thoughtful dialogue about their campus experience so that we may incorporate their valued perspective as agents of their own education into the work we’re doing to unify our facilities and student body. To this end, we have also formed a number of committees to help bring our campus master plan to fruition and we look forward to further involving you in the process. 

We welcome your questions and feedback at requesting Hawaii Loa Campus in the subject line. We thank you for participating in our collective effort to build a more cohesive Hawai‘i Pacific University identity.

With warm aloha,

President John Gotanda 

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