Monday, July 25, 2016

Military Campus Programs’ faculty presented at Pacific Command China Seminar

Assistant Professor Jim Corcoran, Ph.D., Military Campus Programs, presented on President Xi Jinping and China's economy at the Pacific Command's "Academic Development & Speakers Series China Seminar" on Friday, July 14, 2016. The seminar, held at Camp Smith, was hosted by the Commander, PACOM, Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr.

Corcoran’s talk, which was titled “Domestic Issues: Governance & Economic Challenges,” covered the following:
·         The true extent of Xi Jinping's power and control. Does he now control the political, economic, and military sectors of China's national power?
·         There is great disagreement among economists as to the soundness of China's economic health. Some say that China is overextended economically, that massive debt, for example at the Province and local levels, will sink the nation into an economic morass. Others point to China's standing as # 2 in the world (OER), a foreign currency account of over $3 Trillion, the world's largest trade power, and other signs of a solid economy. 

The program included other scholars as well as exchange of ideas and views between the guest speakers and the civilian and military staff at PACOM. Titles of other talks: “Evolution of China's grand strategy under Xi Jinping, “Foreign Policy,” and “The China Factor in Geopolitical Realignments.”

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