Monday, July 24, 2017

History and Asian Studies Professor Receives Grant to Attend Seminar in China

Dr. Corcoran at the Jinhua Middle School
and High School, Shanghai
College of Extended and Interdisciplinary Education Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies James Corcoran, Ph.D., received a grant from the Council for International Education Exchange (CIEE) to attend the seminar, "Chinese Students in Context: Strategies for a Globalized Campus," in Shanghai in May.

The seminar was designed to help university administrators and faculty to more effectively integrate Chinese international students onto U.S. campuses. Participants developed their own general intercultural competence, as well as a deeper understanding of modern Chinese culture. Moreover, participants gained a greater knowledge of Chinese educational culture, as influenced by both ancient traditions and more recent historical events. Finally, participants discovered tools and activities to respond to linguistic and cultural challenges in the classroom and in the wider campus community.

Corcoran will provide a fuller report when the fall semester begins, and he will also provide presentations during the fall semester to the HPU community on the results of the seminar.

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