Friday, June 2, 2017

HPU Partners with Sig Zane

Hawai‘i Pacific University: John Y. Gotanda President Announcement
to the University ‘Ohana

HPU President John Gotanda and Sig Zane 
You may have noticed a familiar face at Aloha Tower yesterday. None other than Sig Zane himself, celebrated Hawai‘i artist and clothing designer, visited Hawai‘i Pacific University with his design team in preparation for an exciting partnership I am delighted to share with you today.

Born and raised in Hawai‘i, Sig is best known for his unique design sensibility that honors the land and Native Hawaiian culture. Over the years, he has worked to translate heritage and worldview into iconic brands for companies across the islands like Hawaiian Airlines, Ward Village and now HPU.

Beginning this summer, Sig will play a key role in helping us – collectively and with the input from our entire community – create a visual identity for HPU that reflects who we are today and what we stand for as a community.  I believe there is no one better qualified to shape HPU’s story and intent into something tangible, memorable and, yes, wearable. Please join me in welcoming Sig Zane to HPU, and stay tuned for details on how you can share the core values about our University that resonate deeply with you. Together, we will develop an authentically HPU brand that speaks to us all.

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