Monday, March 13, 2017

HPU Learning Outcomes Proposal Selected by WASC

Through a competitive application process of the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), HPU was among the universities selected to participate in the March 15, 2017 launch of the free, online Community of Practice (CoP) for Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility project.

Assistant Dean for General Education Valentina Abordonado, Ph.D., is HPU’s project lead. Joining Abordonado on the HPU project team, are Director of Institutional Research Sara Liao-Troth, Ph.D., Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Marites McKee, Director of Study Abroad & International Exchange Programs Melissa Matsubara, Department Chair of Public Service Sheryl Sunia, and Director of the Career Services Center Michael Van Lear.

HPU’s project goal is to develop a page on the HPU website that will showcase student achievement initiatives at HPU. It will contain information about student learning to include institutional learning outcomes and evidence of student learning. It will also contain information about student engagement, including high impact practices, such as first year experiences, general education, undergraduate research, community service, internships, and study abroad opportunities. Finally, it will contain information about program review processes, retention and graduation rates, and career outcomes.
The CoP project is anticipated to run through August 2019. During this time, the HPU team will have access to significant opportunities. As noted on the WSCUC site:

Implementing student learning assessment projects to meet institutional needs that are informed by national and regional thought leadership, knowledge generation, capacity building, and resource sharing within the Community of Practice (CoP).
Engaging with expert consultants to help guide their institutional projects and highlight best practices. Regional and national content and/or assessment experts who can provide advice, guidance, and resources are paid for as part of the grant.
Building networks and support among participants in the CoP, with the intention of broad-based engagement across the region over time.
• Receiving WSCUC support, guidance, and input from a dedicated facilitator of the CoP.
Building and implementing sustainable assessment practices to support student learning and accreditation requirements.

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