Monday, May 9, 2016

History and International Studies annual student conference

Billy Mayer, History Club, receives the Undergraduate Student Service Award
from Patrick Bratton, Ph.D., (right of Billy), History and International Studies
Department Chair, and Russell Hart, Ph.D., Diplomacy and Military Studies Program Director (far right) 
The 3rd annual Diplomacy and Military Studies (DMS)/History and International Studies Student Conference was held on Saturday, April 30. There was a great assortment of high quality paper presentations in a variety of topics from Cold War history to contemporary geopolitics and environmental issues.

The Department of History and International Studies acknowledges the student clubs that helped support the event, in particular Billy Mayer and the History Club, and Milly Balcheva, Jennifer Anderson, and Michele Ezaki from the Association of Diplomacy and Military Studies (ADMS).

The winner of the best undergraduate paper was: Bryant Aaron, "Rising Powers and the Established System of International Territorial Law"

The best graduate paper award went to: Brian Chung-Ming, "North Korea and the Second Korean Conflict: 1966-69"

At the end of the conference, the Department also gave out awards to students, staff, and faculty (see complete list below). The awards included Douglas Askman, Ph.D., Teacher of the Year Award; Pierre Asselin, Ph.D., Scholar of the Year; and Allison Gough, Ph.D., and  Serge Marek, Ph.D., Faculty Mentoring.  

After the conference, participants enjoyed the Department’s end-of-year celebration at Murphy's.  

Full Award List:
Undergraduate Student Service Award: Billy Meyer (History Club)

Graduate Student Service Award: Millie Balcheva (ADMS)

Full-time Faculty Service for a Program: DMS, Brian Price, Ph.D.; History: Douglas Askman, Ph.D.; International Studies: Patrick Bratton, Ph.D.; and Global Leadership and Sustainable Development:  Regina Ostergaard-Klem, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty Award: TIE: Brian Fila, and Sunny Kang

Department Staff Award: Jean Zee

Department Scholar of the Year Award: Pierre Asselin, Ph.D,

Department Teacher of the Year Award: Douglas Askman, Ph.D.

Department Faculty Mentor Award: TIE: Allison Gough, Ph.D., and Serge Marek, Ph.D.

Department Faculty Service Award: Patrick Bratton, Ph.D.

The Conference Program, including presentation abstracts and student biographies, are posted here.  

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