Monday, April 4, 2016

Phi Alpha Theta student paper prize winners

Faculty advisor Jon Davidann, Ph.D., and HPU student prize winners Faye Glover, Sara Connis, 
Keavy Hunnigal-Gaw, William Mayer, Brian Chun-Ming, Michele Ezaki.
HPU’s Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society chapter hosted the 32nd Annual Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference on March 19, and students from around the state of Hawai‘i participated in it.  A record number of HPU students — over 20 — presented papers. Six HPU students won prizes at the conference. 

The HPU faculty advisor to the honor society, Jon Davidann, Ph.D., who organized the conference, stated, “This is the largest Phi Alpha Theta conference we have ever had, and the venue, the new HPU Aloha Tower Marketplace, was perfect for it. I am very proud of all the HPU students who  participated, and congratulations to the HPU prizewinners.”

HPU Prize winners: 2016 Phi Alpha Theta Hawai‘i regional conference
William D. Mayer
The Dying Lion of Lucerne: A Royal Situation, A Democratic Transformation
Honorable Mention - Best Undergraduate Paper
Brian Chun-Ming
North Korea and the Korean DMZ Conflict 1966 -1969: Understanding How and Why North Korea Used Military Aggression (Militarism) and Low Intensity Conflict to Meet National Goals
Best Graduate Paper
Sara J. Connis
Sino-Indian Tensions over the Brahmaputra:  The Role of Economic Development and Nationalism in Hydropower
Jerry H. Bentley Prize in world history
Michele Ezaki
Motive and Opportunity: The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974
Walter Vella Prize
Keavy Hunnigal-Gaw
An Assessment of Finland’s System of Protection against Extremism during the Inter-war Period
Marc Jason Gilbert Prize in the History of Global Conflicts and the Search for Peace
Faye J. Glover
Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years War
GFWC Women's History Prize

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