Monday, April 18, 2016

First-year writing anthology published

Fresh Perspectives editorial assistants Jun Dennis Sadang and Melody Sakado, with Kathleen Cassity, Associate Professor of English.

The new issue of Fresh Perspectives, HPU’s anthology of first-year writing, has been published online.

This volume includes essays by HPU students Dustin Connis, Laura Garber, R.J. Simpson, Jasmine Sagaysay, Chelsey Santos, Fernand Baldonado, Brittany Manabe, Terrald Hodges, Terena Koteka-Wiki, Paige Carlin, Alisandra Dominguez, Juana Meza Nieto, Jennifer Rice, Douglas Spence, and Dien Nguyen.

Outstanding essays from HPU's first-year writing courses are nominated by instructors, and selected and edited by a student editorial intern. Congratulations to all our contributors and thanks to our student editorial interns and assistants: Vanessa Vasquez, Melody Sakado and Jun-Dennis Sadang.

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