Monday, March 21, 2016

Parliamentarians from Mongolia visit HPU

Associate Professor of Political Science Gregory Gaydos, Ph.D., and his Introduction to Politics students welcomed five parliamentarians from Mongolia to HPU and their class on Tuesday, March 1. The delegation, hosted by the Pacific & Asian Affairs Council, were taking part in the U.S. congressionally-sponsored Open World program. The program brings young political and civic leaders from nine post-Soviet states to the U.S. for short-term professional trips.

Focusing its Honolulu visit on “Accountable Government,” the Mongolian delegation spoke to Gaydos’ students on the role of government in Mongolia and the current issues they face. They started with a brief presentation on the history of Mongolia in the political and economic context. It was pointed out that through Mongolian rule, a small tax was taken from traders using the Silk Road. This provided traders with protection by the Mongolian empire, breaking the image of barbarianism and showing a more peaceful side of Mongolian history.

Other highlights from the presentation:

·         Mongolia is proud to be one of the only peaceful post-Soviet transitions from Communism to democracy.
·         Engaging young people to be involved in politics is difficult, but the Members of Parliament are adapting by using social media, political campaigns and engaging youth in their offices as volunteers. 

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