Monday, March 14, 2016

Ishikuro and Leung present at TESOL conference

Robbieana Leung and Lisa Ishikuro
Lisa Ishikuro, director, Tutoring and Testing Services, and Robbieana Leung, adjunct faculty, Department of English and Applied Linguistics; co-presented a workshop at the 2016 Hawai‘i TESOL Annual Conference, held on Saturday, Feb. 13 at Kapi‘olani Community College. 

Their workshop, entitled “More than ‘just’ language teachers: Building an interconnected global classroom,” invited participants to think beyond the confines of the traditional classroom in terms of engaging students in authentic, meaningful interactions. Whether it takes the form of talking to community members as part of a service-learning experience or interacting through “virtual” conversations (real-time or asynchronous) online, Ishikuro and Leung encouraged teachers to provide students with inspiring and impactful opportunities to improve themselves and the broader global community. They hope participants took to heart the thought that “a good education can change anyone; a good teacher can change everything.”

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