Monday, March 7, 2016

Alumnus presents master’s in sociology research

Ishikuro, third from left
Koichi Ishikuro (BA ‘09), currently in a master’s program in Sociology, presented his research at two conferences in February. The first presentation at the 15th Annual East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference (Feb. 11-13) held in Honolulu was entitled “One-Parent Families in Japan: Barriers to Success in Upward Social Mobility.” The presenters, many of whom are PhD candidates, represented 20 countries throughout the Pacific Rim and beyond. Presenters in Ishikuro’s session focused on the economics of employment, pricing, and community prosperity, and they hailed from Japan (Ishikuro), Philippines, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Ishikuro also presented at the 37th Annual Hawai‘i Sociological Association Conference (Feb. 20-21) in Hilo. His presentation, “Walking a Post-Colonial Tightrope: On-going Issues of USFJ Bases in Okinawa,” was one of three in the session focused on land rights, income inequality, and the Neoliberal State. Ishikuro’s research brought into the focus the ongoing effects of United States Military Forces in Japan, of which 75% are located on the island of Okinawa. He looked at the effects of post-colonialism on the island prefecture, highlighting both positive and negative social and economic ramifications of this U.S.-Japan agreement. 

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