Monday, February 8, 2016

Teacher interns participate in industry conference

Linda Andrade Wheeler, Ed.D., Field Director of Education/Associate Professor of Education in the School of Education (SOE), College of Extended and Interdisciplinary Education, arranged and coordinated for the participation of 14 teacher interns from the BEDEE, MEDEE and MEDSE programs to attend the 2nd Annual Hawaii School Empowerment Conference, “Engage, Empower, Innovate” held at the State Convention Center on Sunday, Jan. 25.   
The SOE students were provided a scholarship to attend this world-class educational event by the Education Institute of Hawaii. They actively volunteered their services in preparing folders for the conference, the registration process, and participation in group sessions collecting questions from attendees.
At the conference, the teacher interns were able to hear the messages of the First Lady of Hawaii, Dawn Amano-Ige, and the Chair of the Hawaii State Board of Education, Lance Mizumoto, along with keynote speakers Diane Ravitch (Professor, New York University), Pasi Sahlberg (Visiting Professor, Harvard University), Catherine Payne (Chair, Hawaii Charter School Commission) and Ray McNulty (Dean of the School of Education, Southern New Hampshire University).
Many of the HPU students who attended this event said that it was an “enlightening experience” for them and that they had gained insight into the current trends and issues in education worldwide.
More information on the HPU School of Education here.

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